Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug detox breaks your physical dependence on drugs through abstinence and is the first step in overcoming an addiction. Recovery Lighthouse aims to support you through this process, help you to manage any withdrawal symptoms and set you up for a successful recovery. Drug detox is a challenging yet transformative experience that lays a strong foundation as you continue your journey Fentanyl Detox  to sobriety. The drug detox process will depend on the type of substance(s) you are struggling with. Drug withdrawal symptoms can vary from mild to severe, so it’s important that you speak to one of our medical professionals before attempting to quit. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists).


Therefore, prescription drug abuse does have an adverse impact on entire communities. Where drug abuse is prevalent, family instability and crime also tend to be problems. Although you may currently feel lost and trapped through addiction, our evidence-based treatment and rehab programmes have a high success rate. Take the first step to a positive, drug-free future by reaching out to our team. Without acknowledging an addiction at this point, long-term damage is likely. Like any other drug fixation, both physical and psychological damage is expected.

prescription drug detox

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However, users commonly experience organ damage, along with anxiety, paranoia, depression and psychosis. People often live in a dry house for 1-2 years and the cost of accommodation can often be covered by housing benefit (some charge an additional weekly top-up). We have two of our own four-bed dry houses in Bristol that clients can opt to move into if there is a room available. We also have connections with many other dry house providers in the Weston-Super-Mare and Bristol areas.


Prescription drugs withdrawal will be too much to handle…


It may be the case that you are against a certain form of therapy for personal reasons. For instance, perhaps you would not appreciate counselling as you have found that talking to a professional about your problems and not getting their personal opinion has not been beneficial for you. However, if you have a moderate to serious addiction, you should know that without therapy, it is unlikely that you will be able to stay sober after the detox. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is very focused on the subconscious, as therapists in this field believe we repress our trauma and we try to cope with it by engaging in unhealthy behaviours, such as addiction.


A GP can advise on safer medicinal alternatives such as medication to replace benzodiazepines (such as antidepressants). You can bring clothes, shoes, identity cards, sealed and labelled prescribed medication, and personal hygiene products. You can bring your mobile phone or PC; however, some centres will regulate the use of electronic devices.


Detox and medical care


Again, this emphasises the need for a medically supervised detox, to prevent harm to the individual. Signs of addiction also include taking the medication to feel high, mixing it with alcohol or certain other drugs, or feeling reliant on its consumption. In recent years, the misuse of prescription painkillers has become increasingly prevalent; this includes abuse of prescription opioids, stimulants and benzodiazepines. Detoxing at Banbury Lodge can be a critical first step on the road to recovery. By overcoming physical dependence, you can lay the foundation for a successful recovery journey and build a foundation of sobriety.


In medically assisted cocaine detox, the medical team at Strong Hope oversees the process and works with the client to manage and alleviate discomfort whether physical or psychological. Each client’s situation is unique, so we work together with the client to create a bespoke treatment plan that they are comfortable with but that is still effective and safe. Prescription drug addiction is highly destructive to individual health, relationships, finances and many other areas of life. If you are taking any prescription medication outside the realm of proper medical supervision, please seriously consider whether you might be battling addiction.


This will help to address the other aspects of your condition once you have broken your physical dependence on prescription drugs. Different prescription drugs have different effects on your body, but all of them can cause some sort of physical dependence. This means that your body becomes used to having the drug in its system and starts to rely on it. When you stop taking the drug, your body can go into shock and you can experience withdrawal symptoms. Partial hospitalization programs offer intensive psychiatric treatment on an outpatient basis to psychiatric patients.


Every member of staff are passionate and committed to supporting you at all times. Our team has been selected based on their dedication and experience in addiction recovery. Call us today to find out what we can do to help either you or someone you love with a suspected prescription drug addiction that needs rehab. Taking prescription drugs without medical supervision can lead to serious complications including death. When this happens, you may start taking more than recommended and when you take too much, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

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